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Arcade in the Sky Blog: 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Well, another year has been good to me. I'm thirty now, so I really need to knuckle down and get things done in my life. I've had a fruitful and happy existence so far, but there's so many wonderful things I still need to do! I know with all the help of my friends, it will a wonderful journey.

Best wishes
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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Anime Advent Calender 2008

I'm doing a new advent calender on Youtube. It's been getting rough doing this year because I've got so much to do.

I had about 5 more pages of stuff to say about the Kung-Fu Panda DVD, but I'm just so busy. Head over to my Youtube channel and get a new update every day.
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Friday, November 21, 2008

Kung-Fu Panda DVD Review

I should preface this by saying that I like Jack Black. Normally having Jack Black in a movie will interest me, but this is a Dreamworks picture. I have never liked anything from Dreamworks. Their best work, Shreck, was amusing at best--and I certainly would never buy one on DVD.

It was only upon a review I saw on Spill.com that made me give this a try. I'm glad I did, cause this is now one of my favorite movies, and it's on par with anything Pixar has done.

This movie is wildly different anything Dreamworks has done before--no fart jokes or cultural references--just characters and a strong story. I can't recommend this movie enough, and there are plenty of extra features as well.

The only real question is whether to get the "Secrets of the Furious Five". I watched it and it's OK, but not necessary. It doesn't add much to the world of Kung-fu Panda and it's geared more toward children. If you do have children, this will give you some extra electronic-babysitter time for you dollar. Other than that, I'd say it's not necessary.
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A new Day, many updates

Hey, did you see the 'Nerds CDi review? Classic. I can't wait for part 2.

IN the meantime, I feel I should make some updates. I've been working really hard on my new game zombie pong, which I posted below, so I haven't had time to update my Blog or Youtube Channel.

Or my webcomic, for that matter.

I really should come up with a more balanced system if I want to have all these plates spinning at once.

But anyway, the plates will have to wait for now, cause I'm working with Screwattack.com. That's right, I joined Gamma Prime, and I'm working on an original arcade style game as a programmer.

I also joined the Spill.com community. I think I'll be posting some reviews there too, so look for them.

more to come...
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Zombie Pong, a new game from me

Hey, it's been a while. Lord knows I've been busy. I've completed another game, and I'm darn proud of it. I technically finished on October 18th for the IGDA NJ meeting in Bloomfield, but I wanted to add a few extra modes of play for added value. Check it out:

Zombie Pong!

I hope everyone will enjoy it and rate it!
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Monday, October 20, 2008


Man, where did October go?

I've been keeping busy. I showed my "Zombie Pong" to the IGDA meeting on Saturday. It went over well. I hope to have a version up on newgrounds and Kongregate soon.

I read the first volume of Negima. I still don't quite know what to make of it, so I'm going to reserve judgment until I read volume 2.

I've also done work with Gamma Prime from ScrewAttack.com. More on that later.

I got the last volume of Otoboku as well. I'll give my final thoughts in another post.
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Negima Manga

I bought the first volume of Negima at Borders yesterday. I haven't read it yet, but I'll post a review when I do.
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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Otoboku No Show

I went to Best Buy today to get Otoboku, the third and final volume, but they didn't carry it! Why not? They had the first two volumes, and it's not like there were dozens of them left unsold on the shelves.

I had to order it through bestbuy.com, and I'll review it when I get it.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Vice Presidential debates

I try to keep this blog light, because I know my millions of readers demand it!

But The Vice Presidential debate was last night, and I was there listening. I actually thought both of them did very well, and I liked the points they were making. I went into the debate liking Sarah Palin more, so I left the debate liking her more as well.

I don't have TV-for reasons that will have to be explained in a later post-so I only heard what the candidates said. After hearing commentary after the debate, It seems that there was a big difference in body language, and Joe Bidden had something wrong with his eye.

Did the visuals of the debate change peoples opinions? What did you think?
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Thursday, October 2, 2008

New DS

Oh, my God!

They just announced a new DS system! It looks awesome!

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Justice League Unlimited

Quite by accident, I stumbled upon some Justice League Unlimited last night. I really enjoyed the episodes. I had given up on the League when I saw the first episodes of Unlimited. Now I regret giving up on it and am determined to see the whole series.

For anyone else who dismissed the Unlimited episodes as silly, I recommend you go back and give them a second chance.
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Monday, September 29, 2008

Gunbuster 2

The other day I went out for a drive, just to clear my head. I found myself at the mall where my old haunt, Saturday Night Matinee was still up and running. They were still stocked with all sorts of anime. I browsed their anime wall to find that they seemed to have a new policy of buying back anime and reselling it cheap, not unlike GameStop and video games. There was some good deals there, but one hit me like a ton of bricks. Gunbuster 2 volume 1 for 4.99. The Gunbuster box set never came down below 62 dollar-last I checked, and Gunbuster 2 was a whopping 32 dollars a volume. They're selling it for $4.99? Are they insane? In inspected the box of this too-good-to-be-true deal to find the plastic had ripped, but the box was unopened. I got it right away before any store clerk could realize the error.

Of course, now I'm hooked into buying the other two volumes at full price, but for now lets look at volume 1...

For those who read my thoughts on the first Gunbuster, you'll know that the first two episodes don't indicate where the series will end up, at least in tone. Knowing this, it should be fun to review each volume of Gunbuster 2 separately.

The series starts with Nono, a young girl from a snowy mountain town who travels to the big city to be a space pilot. Her journey is burdened by her clumsiness and the fact that almost everything she touches breaks (or more accurately, splits). She needs to wear a maid costume with a ridiculously short skirt. Fan Service! She is saved from some Giant mechs on shore leave by a girl and her sticker on her forehead. She is a member of the topless, a group of space pilots with the ability to shed the top layer of their psyche and bend reality with their mind powers. A necessity for piloting giant robots, or "Buster Machines".

I don't need point out how poorly chosen that name is. Even the mentally challenged Nono points this out.

I'll stop there to avoid spoilers, but I will say that the story is crazy and filled with action. It's tone is informed more from FLCL than Gunbuster, which is fine by me. The design work is very refreshing and "out there". While the first episodes seem filled with silliness, I'm forced to note that the first Gunbuster was that way also.

I really like the music and art. The first episode lacks the opening title, which I find to be a good choice. Sci-fi first episodes are burdened with establishing all the characters as well as the setting and all the special rules that come along with it. Jumping straight into the story is a wise choice. Plus, opening titles often recycle animation from later in the episodes, so it sort of amounts to a spoiler. The songs they did use in the opening and end titles are delightful.

I'm going to stick with this, but don't think I won't sneak off to Saturday Night Matinee to look for some more deals. I'm a cheap bastard.
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Friday, September 26, 2008

Never Out to Lunch Again

My Gunbuster 2 review will have to wait. We've had an emergency here at the office of my day job. A co-worker collapsed at her desk, and we had to call an ambulance. And it all happened while I was out to lunch too. Earlier we had a catastrophic black out while I was at lunch, and now this. I've sworn off leaving the office during lunch break ever again.

In the meantime, check out my youtube channel, as I'll be going on an adventure this weekend, and it's not what you think.
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Thursday, September 25, 2008


I'm going to do a review of Gunbuster 2 tomorrow, so I thought it fitting to establish my history with Gunbuster first...

When I was growing up, the local video store had a small anime section. Back in the eighties, this was rare and to be appreciated. I was lucky enough to able to afford to see things like Akira and Bubblegum Crisis. Some of the anime seemed a little *too* adult for me, so I avoided Gunbuster and The Humanoid. Avoiding the 'noid was probably a good idea, but I realized later that not viewing Gunbuster was a cardinal sin. Gunbuster, or "Aim for the Ace" as it was originally called is a cornerstone of Gainax and by proxy, all of modern anime.

At six episodes, it's not long for a series, but long enough to be grander than an epic movie (except LOTR). Great animation, characters, and design are all expected of a company as great as Gainax, but what makes this show unique is it's plot progression. It ropes the audience in with campy silliness. However, by the time we reach the finale, everything has become so deathly serious it makes Stanley Kubrick's 2001 look like Tim Allen's Galaxy Quest.

There have been few moments when watching a show has caused me to tear up, and Gunbuster is one of them. I can't recommend it enough, so what are you waiting for?
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Speed Racer DVD review

When I buy a DVD for a movie, I've usually seen it several times and know everything about it. So if I'm going to buy a DVD, it had better have a director's commentary as well as a load of other features. There are some movies, however, that can be forgiven for not having them, and Speed Racer was one of them.

I should preface this by saying that I am a fan of the original Speed Racer cartoon. When I finished high school, MTV started playing Speed Racer late at night. It was more for a joke than anything else. They were all like "Hey, here's another music video-on no! it's Speed Racer! Haha! We are such a funny and rebellious TV station! Love us!" Notwithstanding, I fell in love with the quirkiness of the whole thing. It's a show you laugh at as much as you laugh with, like Adam West's Batman.

So, when they announced a movie, I was ecstatic. I wanted to see it with my friends, but it seemed like they lack my enthusiasm for the property. I saw the movie by myself and loved every minute of it. I rank this movie right up there with the Princess Bride.

That said, I will admit to some conceptual flaws with the film. Speed Racer has always been a cult classic, not a mainstream classic; so pumping a hundred million dollars into the production of the movie might have been a misstep. Also, the races in the movie are so fast they make everything else slow by comparison. People have said that the talking parts are slow, but they really are not. They continually push plot and character, but when compared to the lightning pace of a race, anything would seem slow. At any rate, the DVD format fixes this problem, because you can always fast forward through the talk and get to your adrenaline fix.

There are two special features and no commentaries. One follows the actor who plays Spritle as he explores the film set. It starts with the press conference where he didn't get to answer one question. I found this hilarious because I saw that press conference a hundred times on Youtube in anticipation of this movie and I didn't even see him. Of course, some find Spritle annoying and those folks would not like this.

The other is nothing more than an announcer talking over turn-arounds of all the cars and their logos. The anouncer sounds like Mr. Ed. Y'know, no one can talk to a horse unless it's is th famous Mr. Ed? Nevermind-this is clearly meant for small children who got this DVD in their christmas stocking along with some hot wheels.

All in all, I couldn't resist this DVD. I hope there's an expanded special edition later, but I'm happy for now. I don't mind buying a movie this good twice.
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Need to Post

I really need a new blog entry, but I can't think of anything to say.

I really want to do more youtube videos where I just review anime, but then I'll have alot less material for my blog. I guess I'm torn between my two loves. Like a deer in the headlights.


I'll sort this out soon.
In the meantime, I'll be publishing a new game soon, so watch out!
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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Deadlines Deadlines

I've got a deadline to meet tonight, so I might be out of it again... @_@
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gurren Lagann is awesome

The third and final volume of Gurren Lagann came out yesterday. This anime is totally awesome, so if I disappear for a while, I'm probably watching this series. @_@
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Monday, September 1, 2008

Laybor Daybor

Man, I love Labor day! Time for a barbecue. I just wanted to remind everyone that I have a game on Kongregate. Besides that, everyone enjoy.

Corner Cannons

Have a great day!
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Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Ranma


New Ranma

I think I'm going to have a heart attack... 0_0
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Friday, August 29, 2008

Negima Note

While at Otakon, I picked up volume one of Negima in a bargain bin. I've been avoiding the series up until now, thinking it was too freaky. I mean 40 girls? That's pushing the harem thing a bit far...

I now see that this is based on a work by Ken Akamatsu, and that changes everything. I was NOT a fan of the animated Love Hina, but the comics were among my fav manga of all time. This animated adaption seems to be holding up a lot better, and I'll have a full review up when I collect the whole series.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Otoboku Review

I got this anime at Otakon, and have been enjoying it a lot, so it's only natural that I put up a review. I should preface this by saying that I have a weakness for gender-bending anime and manga. Ranma was my first anime, so anything with this subject matter has a shard of nostalgia in it for me. Nonetheless, I can still make a fair assessment after I've picked it up.

Otoboku or "Maidens are Falling for Me" is based off a manga from Arashikanao and Caramel Box (huh?). The cover art is BS, as no animated show could look like that. The comic art doesn't even look like that, it is much simpler and "Azumanga dao"-esqe. The show does, however, look good with a high amount of detail without sacrificing fluid and frequent movement. The plot-or lack thereof- concerns a boy, "Mizuho", who must attend a girls school as a condition in his grandfathers will.

Were they out of haunted houses?

From that point, the series takes on most if not all of the archetypes, scenarios, and cliches from other "yuri" shows like MariMite and Strawberry Panic. If you are a fan of those two shows, there's no reason why you wouldn't like this. The show, if fact, have little to do with Mizuho being in drag, and goes along it's merry way as if he were a she. Her character design is completely female and he is voiced by a female voice actor. There is even a point in the sixth episode where one of the main characters-much like the audience-completely forgets that Mizuho is smuggling a twig and two berries in that catholic schoolgirl uniform.

In a way, this show has a leg up on some of the "pure-yuri" fair in that it holds back on the melodrama. Conflicts are treated like the simple disagreements they are, and not like the fate of human civilization rests on the outcome.

This bring me to my verdict. I hate to say it, but this show won me over in the end. This is a guilty pleasure in every way a shojo title could be-- but the quality visuals, music and cute chibis spoke to me. They look like Raggity-Ann dolls! There are stories that actually have character interaction and growth, sans the blue humor, slapstick and melodrama that other shows have. The moment that really did it for me was in the fifth episode. Here, Mizuho discovers that her/his dorm room is in fact haunted (see my comment above). The ghost is named Ichiko, and is much more along the lines of "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" than "The Ring". There is a montage of Ichiko the friendly ghost participating in dorm life-- in which there is an image of her playing a board game. They aren't playing go or shogi, they are playing "The Game of Life". They are playing Milton Bradley's The Game of Life with a dead girl. I fell over I was laughing so hard. Now, I know that is a tragically horrible visual pun--but if the Haze-man has a weakness, it is tragically horrible visual puns. Curse you Anime Works, and curse your 13+ anime DVDs!

Speaking of which this is a "hardcore" DVD. That is to say if you pop it in, it will start playing the raw Japanese show with no subtitles-at least on my player. It has textless title animation as a bonus and there is even a behind the scenes feature on the second volume. I should note the image I'm using here is inaccurate. The first volume has teal lettering, but the actual second volume has orange letters.

There's also the issue of the "Yuri-fan" logo that appears on the back of the box. Many hardcore yuri fans will argue that this is not true yuri because the protagonist is not a girl, but a guy pretending to be one. Personally, I'd have to say the logo belongs there. This show religiously follows the checklist of every element a stereotypical "yuri" show should have. The protagonist is male only through dialog and is never characterized as anything but female (except the time she left the seat up). Most yuri-fans are male, just as most fans of hip-hop are white. It seems logical that a show would be developed with some sort of "in" for them. SO if Eminem can be a true rapper, I don't see why Otoboku can't be a true yuri series.

Now that I've made an analogy that will send me straight to hell, I think I should sign off for the night. I will recommend that if you are a fan of girl-on-girl anime, that you check http://okazu.blogspot.com

That blog has everything you could ever want to know about yuri, and it's a must read!
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Thursday, August 21, 2008


A few years ago, I was trolling the superhero movie news sites and came across a movie that was getting little attention, Man-Thing. Marvel's answer to Swamp Thing; The movie was produced by Stan Lee and Avi Arid, just like Spider-man and Iron-man. However, this movie was murdered by the test audience and never released in theaters. Finding a copy on DVD is even difficult, but last night there was one in the 3.99 bin at my local Blockbuster. I just had to see this train wreck for myself.

For starters, there is not plot. Rather, the plot is so scooby-doo it's not worth mentioning. An oil rig is built on an indian burial ground and the spirits have risen for some comeuppance. Trees are good, progress is evil, yadda yadda...

If this theme weren't evident enough, they take it to the next level with the ending. The Man-Thing actually takes the oil baron in hand, open a drum of oil, and proceeds to use his tentacles to pump crude into the baron's body until he explodes. Then they blow up an oil rig with dynamite. Seriously. They did that.

Now, I know I was supposed to be thinking "Yay! Stick it to the man! Save the whales! Go Captain Planet!", but y'know the only thing that came to mind was "dammit. Now my gas prices are going to go up..."

Despite the lack of plot, there was a lot for me here. This was essentially a remake of the original Swamp Thing movie from the late 70's. Instead of walking around in broad daylight in a bad rubber suit slapping bad guys, this Man-Thing actually does what a swamp creature SHOULD be doing; namely skulking around at night, blending into his surrounding and dispatching hapless victims with his branch-tentacles. I really like the design of Man-Thing, and I consider it a great realization of puppetry and CG combined.

The tentacles, sadly, are more often then not poorly rendered. The animators apparently did not have the talent or motivation to make the lighting, wetness and movement believable. This combined with banal plot and characters is probably what killed this movie for theaters. As a cheesy horror movie, however, it does work. While I can't recommend this to anyone, I will enjoy watching it a few more times.
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Monday, August 18, 2008

Killer Clowns

I have much to write about, but I wanted to take a breather today and just talk about something I enjoy and few others do. The Killer Clowns from outer space. I was surfing Youtube over the weekend and I saw a post of the whole movie. The whole movie! Someone posted two hours of film on one page! They won't let me post more than 10 minutes at a time? How did they get permission for that?

Well, I decided to take the opportunity to kick back, microwave some White Castle and enjoy one of my fav bad movies. This movie is 'so-bad-its-good'. The death scenes are so silly, but the sheer quantity of people these clowns kill gives the situation just enough jeopardy.

In a way, this movie is like watching a train wreck. You know it's horrible, but you just can't look away.

Well, I like it. More to come. Come back tomorrow.
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Friday, August 15, 2008

Domain Hassle

My 9-year old domain registration apparently expired last week. That means they shut off haze-studios.com. What a bummer. It's been a huge hassle to get the sight back up, but never fear! We will be back soon!
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 2 and 3 of Otakon

The internet service at our hotel, the Radisson, gave out on Saturday, so I had to make these posts late...

Saturday I took my friend Dan to the Cafe 100 for a breakfast buffet. Best buffet ever! Then we hit the inner harbor to see the Barnes & Noble and Best Buy. Still no Mario Kart Wii available.

That afternoon, I did my Video Game design panel. It was a great success and I'm sure everyone had a great time. I have everyone at a computer station make a MS Paint monster and I'm assembling them int an RPG. I hope to have it on Newgrounds soon.

After that I was so tired I pretty much crashed.

The next morning I started by packing up a few bags in my car and attending the Last Unicorn Panel with author Peter S. Beagle. Last Unicorn is my favorite book and the movie is also one of my favorites. At the panel, Peter gave a live author's commentary to the movie, witch was awesome. I got his autograph at the dealers room later.

There was alot of traffic on the way back. The weather was so nice that day, that I bet a lot of people were coming home from the beach.

All it all, a great Otakon. I can't wait for next year!
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Friday, August 8, 2008

Day 1 of Otakon

This is shaping up to be a great year! I started with a Sonic the Hedgehog panel, which was amateurish, but fun. I saw tons of great costumes. There was a Dubs that time forgot panel, an Anime you Need to See panel, and finally a Yuri Panel. I got alot of great information from all of them. I also hung out with Erica Friedman from the Okazu blog at the yuricon. We worked on a Yuri flash game. That'll be fun. The artist alley and dealer's room are awesome.

I met up with Paul from the old Rutgers anime club in the Artist Alley. He seems to be doing well.

I can't wait to show off my games at the workshop tomorrow afternoon.
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Day 0 of Otakon

Otakon is such a big convention, I like to go down to Baltimore a day early to beat the traffic and find a good parking space.

I picked up my panelist badge last night and got checked into my hotel. My crew didn't come down with me, they should be here Friday night. So far things are looking up. A great schedule, nice weather and cool con-goers everywhere. I can't wait!
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Monday, August 4, 2008

Preparing for Otakon 08

If there's one time of the year I look forward to it's Otakon. When I was a kid, it used to be Christmas; now I have Otakon. This year will be special in that it's my tenth year as a workshop leader there. I plan to have an awesome time. ^_^

My only regret is that I can't make more fanart, games and videos.
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Friday, August 1, 2008

Fix the Game 1: ET 2600

Fix the Game 1

I'm running a new contest to create a fixed version of ET 2600. Attention all game designers and programmers! Make a better version of this game and submit it!

Stay tuned to see the submissions on Youtube!
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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Corner Cannons Game on Kongregate

Corner Cannons

I've finished my first commercial game! Play it on Kongregate!

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Friday, July 18, 2008

The Dark Knight

I saw the new Batman movie at a midnight showing last night, and it was awesome! I had high hopes for this movie, and I got more than I could have ever wished for. The movie's strengths are not limited to great characters or action sequences. This movie has a great plot an lots of fiendish ideas that will keep you pondering for months after you see it.

I'm so glad this movie was made, and I can't wait to see it again!
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Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July

It's independence day and I just wanted to make a post to say how much I love this country. It's great to be an American.

I hope everyone has a great day.
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Thursday, July 3, 2008


Pixar has yet another masterpiece on its hands. I had a lot of confidence in the movie before I went to see it, just some reservations about the plot. Silly me. The concept seems very bleak and cruel, if one were to describe it to you on the street. However, seeing the movie is an incredibly sweet and charming experience.

The discoveries Wall-E makes when he goes into space is truly engaging, and i won't spoil it for you, so just go out and see it as soon as possible!
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Friday, June 27, 2008


Has anyone heard of this site? What do you think? What's your fav game?
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Monday, June 23, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

This has got to be the biggest surprise in moviedom since as far back as I can remember. It's certainly the biggest pleasant surprise I've ever had.

I should preface this by saying that I like Jack Black. I don't have a poster of him or anything, but I do appreciate his music and movies.

That said, you don't need to like Jack Black at all to appreciate this. Kung Fu Panda is a great story with great characters. Ever plot point and line is woven into a coherent story with no loose ends or tangents. This is a movie that delivers action, laughs, and characters.

I've seen the movie twice already, and I can't wait until DVD, so I can see it a hundred times more.
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Friday, June 20, 2008

Cloverfield, Number 23, Dr. Strange

I've gotten a chance to catch up on some movies this past week. I thought I'd share my thoughts with you. I really should post a full AMA con report, but perhaps I'll do that on Youtube.

Cloverfield. It seems odd that I haven't seen this one until now considering that I put a viral marketing bug for it in this blog last year. I just couldn't find anyone to see it with, and I didn't want to buy the DVD, since I thought it would be a see-me-once type of film, like a Shaymalon movie. It turns out this movie was all sorts of awesome. It was like a breath of fresh air on a muggy August day. This could easily be the best monster movie ever made, but this is coming from someone who is a huge fan of both Godzilla and the Blair Witch Project.

So, I only got this movie cause I was in Blockbuster. I also rented "Black Sheep" while I was there. The New Zealand movie, not the Chris Farley movie. All I can say about Black Sheep is that it is exactly what it should be.

I also got The Number 23. I got the impression that it wasn't very good, but I'm a big fan of "puzzle movies" like Fight Club, Memento, and Donnie Darko. So a puzzle movie of any kind in the 3.99 bin was going to call out to me. The thriller was OK, and Jim Carey was good in it. The movie could have been a bit more puzzlely for me. The best part of this DVD is the extra features where they actually talk to mathematicians and numerologists about the number 23 and all the puzzles it's involved in.

Finally, I got Dr. Strange- the Marvel original animated DVD. I saw an extensive preview of it on the Iron Man Marvel original animated DVD. I must admit, I've never read a Dr. Strange comic and have no interest in the character, but seeing the opening made me think this was a well put together movie, and I was excited to see it.

It turned out to be OK. Dr. Strange's story is refreshing in that he actually develops some character, not just powers or confidence. The actual plot is nothing new, however. It is well done and I think it's the best original animated movie Marvel has made to date.
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Monday, June 16, 2008

Anime Mid Atlantic 2008

I just got back from another excellent AMA. Anime Mid Atlantic is one of my favorite cons. Ed and Ezza and all the folks that put it together do an excellent job. It's not as big as Nekocon or Otakon, but it's still awesome.

This year I did a Video game workshop as well as a drawing workshop. I met a lot of great artists and captured some cool fan footage with my camcorder. Look for it on Youtube later!
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Saturday, June 7, 2008


It's starting to get hot. I try to belabor turning on my AC in the summer, just like a belabor turning on the heat in the winter. I hate wasting energy. Because it costs money.

I'm going to have to start it soon, I'm getting sticky...
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Sunday, May 18, 2008

English Lyrics for Nico Nico Douga Melody.


Boost the limits of inside my
heart's core
You are the
only one who
only one who can use that certain technique

I'll melt my heart down for you

lets go

Boost the limits of inside my
heart's core
You are the
only one who
only one who can use that cretain technique

I'll melt my heart down for you
Instinct swirls around in the midst of my
fading heartbeats

I can dream only for tonight
I will dance with all of my might


I still remember that sunny day
Magical games that we used to play
pour down endlessly
couldn't possibly
take these memories from me

I'll see you tomorrow then we can say
"we're laughing and humming all of the way!"

Gather happiness
using togetherness
You'll find it isn't hard if you can really try

Gotta learn to chase it
Gotta Yearn to grasp it

We love dreaming big
so dream,
and dream,
we all love to...


Konbu seaweed is really great
Bonito and konbu mixed in a soup plate

Konbu seaweed is really great
Bonito and konbu,
hey hey


what should I do?

I raise up and swing
around these arms

My beloved god-like moon
upside-down beloved
(my beloved go-likemoon (erin e-rin)
God-like moon...

Yanaani Yanaani Yanaani

Yanaani Yanaani Yanaani

two people are linked together
the all-showing star's guidence
I decide to disobey

I directly start to rise
to the sky where the door is painted.

I will go anywhere I want to now...

yu gi oh stuff...

Now is the time to stand and rise,
warriors of destiny

Blades of lightning sword will be
Your enemies defeat

Exiting the forest is super simple
all you do is follow,these patterns

for the rest
of your gaming love....




right now I dont' know anything...
about anything , however...

I believe that this path
is all that I'll ever need...

either enemy or ally
I don't' really mind...

.. like this hand would truly
let go of you...

this is my crimson oath...


oh my god that airman
how many hundred thousand tries
have I failed running away from him
I snuck back behind so many times
but his wind attack he gets me anyways
time attacks, I have tried them all

but if that annoying airman's there,
it doesn't matter so the next time,
absolutely to win, I just have to hold on to the E tank
until the very end...


Gallent eyes
that shine so brigt
show the evolution of your soul

for whatever future appears now,
I'll give it my all

this star of infinite dust
is really; one whole

Now I can't even
comprehend it all

i'll be like a soldier
who does not know fear

I have no choice
but to be that way


evaprating contrail
we watch it fade to pale

it confused me so I ran away
I will always be weak

Ever since that day


I will always now remain that way...

Nothing that I did could withstand...

I regretfully let go.... of your hand...

where are you
and what are you doing

this very moment now

are you somewhere beyond
this eternal sky
This moment now?

Can you always seem like
you're smiling
Even if I depart now

now that is the sole thing
that I wish to continue on...


I hate you
I hate you

love you....

who who who

can't be alive without you

why is it
can this be

why why why
Don't I mis you a lot, forever?

I don't really know
( i don't really know)

That kind of magic
(That kind of magic)

If I tell you my feeling,
they will break tragically

You are totally

Different from me

You should not go out and kidnap
people's hearts so carelessly


When I was a kid
That was one of the
things I did
The colors of my memory's blend
The cap of white and red on my head

When I was a kid
a fond memory
curry given out at snack time
silver spoons held to my eyes

But now I can't
even remember
one single thing
those things have stopped
But now that I think that I"m
being chased every day!

I missed enough scenery to span
a thousand million
a thousand million
a-and the seasons that have passed by
look like Graffiti...

You've given me enough courage to stand
a thousand million
a thousand million
a-and the seasons that have passed by
seem so dramatic...


That's why I'll folow you forever
even if I never
see anything by your agony
because you shine through
the darkness that has
swallowed teh world

now that the suture is approaching,
weakness in encroaching,
But I wont' let that
Destroy my soul
I'll do it my way
and that means i am with you

together now god bless...


Just take it! 'cuz you know
that no matter what you do I'll have the last laugh

It's a sailor suit
so that I'm really sure you should...

It's gotta be a Monday
'cuz Im' in such a bad mood
What should I do?

The summer sailor suit is sweeter...

It's so cute!


everyone everywhere

gacha gacha cute figurines
scream and shout
everybody now
as loud as you possibly can
"figurines are adorable in 3D!"


Ten thousand years and to thousand more
I found I've always loved you
Eight shousand years from then my love has grown
even bigger into what it is now
In one hundred million and two thousand years from now
I will still love you
Ever since you and I met that day
The music in my hell has not once gone away


tanta mojipittan
ta ta tata tatatata

one two!

Ranra mojipittan

one two!

Flat-chested; flat-chested; flat-chested girls!
(little girls, little girls; flat-chested little girls)

Flat-chested; flat-chested; flat-chested girls!


Everybody loves
nico nico douga
we can all show now
our feelings with gentle kisses


our feelings with gentle kisses


Dashing 'cross the sandy beach
Can you win the race?
Feeling you get closer
I see your face
Kiss my lips;
Embrace me with both of your arms


o say, can you see
by the dawn's early light

what so proudly we hailed
at the twilight's last gleaming

Whose broad stripes and bright stars,
through the perilous fight

O'er the ramparts we watched
were so gallantly streaming?

and the rocket's red glare,
the bobs bursting in air

gave proof through the night
that our flag was still there

O say, does that star spangled
banner yet wave

O'er the land of the free,
and the home of the brave?


Gacha Gacha cute figurines
Onto the path decends an angel

YOu can see the love in those figures
a craze
a scream
in the midst of life


Gacha Gacha cute figurines
just do it right
admire me
take care of me
worship me


You are the price of Tennis


Come on, right now let's go,
Let's go!
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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Something Crazy

I just wanted to make a note that I'm planning on something CRAZY happening this Thursday night, the 3rd of April.

Now, I'm not sure what that crazy something is, because if I new that, it wouldn't be CRAZZZZZY!!

So stay tuned and I'll detail all about it on Thursday Night, or first thing Friday!
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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Finding something new in Finding Nemo

*in regards to the last post, I did spend all day making a new plan, and I'm feeling good about it. *

Last Sunday, I had a cold, and spent the day in bed.

To pass the time I put in some Pixar movies. I collect Pixar DVDs, as well as Disney and Miyazaki DVDs. I don't value this collection as much as my collection of comic book movies or horror movies, but I like it just fine.

It's rare I have the time to just sit and watch a whole animated movie from front to back with no interruptions. When re-watching Finding Nemo I found a key scene that was drastic different than I remember it.

When Marlin is holding onto Dori's fin as they are about to be dropped into the back of the whale's throat, She says "It's time to let go", to which Marlin replies "How do you know? How do you know something bad isn't going to happen?". As I remember it, Dori's reply was "You don't",but when I watched the movie she says "I don't."

This is a big difference. In terms of the movie, I was remembering Dori as having a very dogmatic role in telling the main character and the audience the message of the film. However, she used the first person, which gives her a a much less authoritative role.

In truth, you don't know that everything will be okay. People must move forward and take chances anyway. There are no guarantees in life and life IS pain. Anyone who tells you different is selling something.

I guess it stands that I remembered the line differently because I was reading the message of the film.
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Direction and Purpose

I've been sort of out of it these past two days. It's because the future of my first DS game is uncertain. I'm certain it will get finished, and I am also certain it will be a success, as least critically.

What I'm not certain of is what to do NEXT. There's much to be done, but making a game is not like paving a road. There isn't a set way of doing things, nor is there a pre-set direction to take.

I'm the kind of person who drives very slowly when I don't know where I'm going. When I DO know, however, I can drive quite fast.

What I need to do is sit back and make a plan of attack. Even if that plan falls through, having a plan always helps motivate me.
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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

For Love or Frogger

Sunday I made a bit of a mistake. I bought an old 1981 Frogger arcade machine on eBay. That wasn't the mistake, but thinking I could lug it home in my tiny PT cruiser and set it up by myself was a massive dose of hubris. I managed to get it home, but my back is killing me!

New pain!
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Monday, February 25, 2008

GDC Report

Well, I made it back from GDC, and in one piece this time! Things were much improved this year, as the Expo was in one building and so was the Career Pavilion. I met a lot of cool folks at the IGDA lounge and suite nights.

I've got some great pitching done on my next game. If all goes well, there should be an announcement on the haze studios page.

Look for some youtube footage on my adventure.
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


So, I leave for the Game Developers Conference now. I really should have gone the whole week, but I can only afford the last half of the thing. I have a very important pitch to make while I'm there, so everyone! Please pray for me.

Cool games for all,
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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A new post... sort of

Vote Here

I need to make a post, but I'm not sure what to write. I've been hella busy with my video game programming.

So, I've decided to use this post to help out ol' angry nerd with his contest. Vote for him so he can meet his hero, George Romero.
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Friday, January 25, 2008

The Results

The Philly game jam was alot of fun. We got our game prototype done in record time and I'm very proud of it. Check out the site for more de

Philly Game Jam
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Philly Game Jam

I'll be embarking tomorrow to the Philly Game Jam in Philadelphia. It will give me a chance to stretch my game design muscles. We'll have 45 hours straight to make a video game, and it will be rough work.

I'm bringing my camcorder, so hopefully we'll get a video blog, but at least look for an update here on how it went.

Also, my team name is "The Cake is a Lie".
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Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year, New Blog Features

Howdy. Time for an update, but I need something to talk about. I'm going to go on about the new features on the side of this post here.

I've made some improvements to the Blog for the new year. First is a list of all my sites that I network on. This enables me to use my blog as my main page and navigate to all my other tomfoolery from here. It's quite convenient. It will also give everyone a sense of where I an online and what I'm doing.

More important is the second feature, that "Monster Crush" bug at the top of the sidebar. That is going to be a new webcomic I'm producing. I don't know much about it myself except that it will be called "Monster Crush" and it is horizontally oriented, so you won't have to scroll to read the thing.

I'm taking a note from Kittyhawk and here online comic Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki and making a Blog/ Webcomic combo. It should make updating faster-as I was writing all the HTML for my last webcomic from scratch.
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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Happy new year everyone. Glad you could all make it. 2008 is going to be a big year for me. Not only are big things happening with my company, but on December 8th of this year, I'll be turning thirty.

Because of this, my new year's resolutions are extra special this year. I'd love to share them all you and keep my list here so I won't fall behind.

1. Loose 30 pounds

2. Stop receding harline

3. Fix eyesight

4. Make my first Million

5. Publish a graphic novel

6. Make an online comic

7. Learn 5 languages

Quite a list there. Look for the online comic to be a part of this blog.
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