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Arcade in the Sky Blog: January 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Turtles Forever

OK, I hate being behind the times when it comes to Saturday morning cartoons. I had to find out about this from the Nostalgia Critic, but they made a movie that crosses over the 2002 TMNT cartoon with the 1989 cartoon. This is just so incredibly brilliant, I don't know what to say.

I grew up with the turtles, and even at the time, I knew how silly it was. When the did the serious ah'la' Batman TAS remake in the 2000's I was overjoyed. I have most of that later show non DVD now.

I caught this on Youtube, and this was the most enjoyable thing I've seen on that site in years. Everyone needs to see this. No exceptions.

Turtles Forever

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Tatsunoko vs Capcom

Saturday was the launch party for Tatsunoko vs Capcom. A game I've been waiting for for a year. It was held at the Nintendo World Store in Times Square, NYC. I was so excited I made a picket sign stating "Capcom Rules", with "Tatsunoko Rules" on the reverse side. I got in line around 7:30 am, even through the event did not start until 11am. There were a few costumes and a lot of consummate fighter fans, some of which had obtained the game already from *ahem* Chinatown.

I got a chance to play the game a ton, and I loved it. The gameplay is a cross between BlazBlue and Marvel VS Capcom 2. Unfortunately, I wasn't enough of a combo-master to win the combo contest and get a free advance copy of the game for my own. I'll have to pick it up on Tuesday. If I had pre-ordered at that store, I would have gotten a free Capcom towel. But I decided against it, cause I never sweat when I'm gaming!

Ryota Niitsuma, the producer was there to sign autographs and he was very generous. he made sure everyone got a free signed poster, in addition to signing any and everything you might put before him, cards, Nintendo Power, arcade sticks, games, etc.

A lot of people were taking pictures of my sign. I hope to get in a magazine or blog sometime soon.

Like this.

And this.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

147 Doors of Death

Here is the first game I ever designed. I made this when I was 9 years old. It was merely a series of paint stick figures at the time, I now have it rebuild in c sharp for the command prompt. Unzip this download and execute it to play.

Get ready for some very tough decisions, though...

147 Doors of Death

And Don't forget the Podcast I posted yesterday. It's about Magfest.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 1

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Magfest 2010 Review

As promised, here is a podcast about the adventures at Magfest. Here we talk about Sid Meier, Black Dynamite, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Select Start and lots of crazy stuff!

Podcast Season 2 Episode 1

Here we go!
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year Post

It's my first post of the new year, and I have so much to say. Too much in fact. I'd love to detail the trip to Magfest, but I have a podcast I'll be posting shortly...

At any rate, I got some great games. I'm still playing Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days. I'm not halfway through it yet, but it keeps getting better as I play it. More on that later.

I'm still playing Heavenly Sword. I think its fantastic.

I got a copy of Skate or Die 2, I'll be doing something fun with that...

More later.
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