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Arcade in the Sky Blog: January 2009

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Global Game Jam

I'm updating live from Columbia University in New York for the Global Game Jam. This is an incredible opportunity, and I'm glad I came. I'm working on a game now and I can't wait to finish it.

I'll be here to Sunday at 4.

We're working on something really special.
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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Magfest 7 Sunday

We'll, I'm back from the convention and have caught my breath. Time to document this massive adventure.

It started with a New Year's Eve Party, as it did for so many. I was supposed to have my 3 friends; Ladd, Keri and Matt over for a NYE party. Matt came early, but Ladd and Keri never arrived until after the new year arrived. What's even more amazing is that they didn't drink themselves sick and collapse on my couches.

They went home to sleep in their own beds and came back to my house at 8 am. From there I drove them down to Alexandria, VA for Magfest. The mood was very laid back and relaxed, as they had 4 days this year to execute what is essentially a 2 or 3 day event. I got to meet the Happy Game Nerd, who is awesome, and later the Angry Game Nerd. It was weird because I was talking with the Happy Nerd just as he met the Angry Nerd. It was like being a fly on the wall at a meeting of the minds.

I also got to meet Stuttering Craig and Chad form ScrewAttack. They were cool too. Also, Walter Day was there, the official referee of video games. I know him from the King of Kong movie, one of my fav movies of all time.

They had a ton of free play uprights there, including my favorites, Alien vs. Predator and X-men; as well as Japanese sit-down style arcade machines.

The only thing that sucked was that they canceled the Street Fighter 3 tournament at the last minute, but they did have Street Fighter 4 there, and I could play it for the first time.

I met another developer, DJ Potato, who made an Angry Video Game Nerd game. The guy has some major talent, I hope to talk with him more in the future.

The crew from Life In a Game was there, and it was good to hang out with them. I showed them the progress we're making on the Life in a Game: the Game.

The hotel was a bit of an issue. We had to wait an extra hour to get our room. When we did get the room we wandered around for half an hour trying to find it. They boys decided to get plastered. Ladd took a shower at midnight to clear his head, and he slipped on the way out and hit his head. On the way down, he grabbed the sink and pulled it out of the wall, creating a geyser of hot water. It filled the bathroom with 6 to 8 inches of water. We had to call a workman over to shut off the water supply. In the end we had to pack up and move to another room at 2 am.
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Friday, January 2, 2009

Magfest 7 Friday

Well, I'm here at Magfest 7, or "The 7th Fest" as we call it. It has truly been an awesome experience, and it's only half over. I've met Walter Day from "King of Kong", Stuttering Craig, Chad, The Happy VG Nerd and James Rolfe, the Angry Nerd. I've also met a bunch of other cool gamers and heard some awesome music.
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