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Arcade in the Sky Blog: English Lyrics for Nico Nico Douga Melody.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

English Lyrics for Nico Nico Douga Melody.


Boost the limits of inside my
heart's core
You are the
only one who
only one who can use that certain technique

I'll melt my heart down for you

lets go

Boost the limits of inside my
heart's core
You are the
only one who
only one who can use that cretain technique

I'll melt my heart down for you
Instinct swirls around in the midst of my
fading heartbeats

I can dream only for tonight
I will dance with all of my might


I still remember that sunny day
Magical games that we used to play
pour down endlessly
couldn't possibly
take these memories from me

I'll see you tomorrow then we can say
"we're laughing and humming all of the way!"

Gather happiness
using togetherness
You'll find it isn't hard if you can really try

Gotta learn to chase it
Gotta Yearn to grasp it

We love dreaming big
so dream,
and dream,
we all love to...


Konbu seaweed is really great
Bonito and konbu mixed in a soup plate

Konbu seaweed is really great
Bonito and konbu,
hey hey


what should I do?

I raise up and swing
around these arms

My beloved god-like moon
upside-down beloved
(my beloved go-likemoon (erin e-rin)
God-like moon...

Yanaani Yanaani Yanaani

Yanaani Yanaani Yanaani

two people are linked together
the all-showing star's guidence
I decide to disobey

I directly start to rise
to the sky where the door is painted.

I will go anywhere I want to now...

yu gi oh stuff...

Now is the time to stand and rise,
warriors of destiny

Blades of lightning sword will be
Your enemies defeat

Exiting the forest is super simple
all you do is follow,these patterns

for the rest
of your gaming love....




right now I dont' know anything...
about anything , however...

I believe that this path
is all that I'll ever need...

either enemy or ally
I don't' really mind...

.. like this hand would truly
let go of you...

this is my crimson oath...


oh my god that airman
how many hundred thousand tries
have I failed running away from him
I snuck back behind so many times
but his wind attack he gets me anyways
time attacks, I have tried them all

but if that annoying airman's there,
it doesn't matter so the next time,
absolutely to win, I just have to hold on to the E tank
until the very end...


Gallent eyes
that shine so brigt
show the evolution of your soul

for whatever future appears now,
I'll give it my all

this star of infinite dust
is really; one whole

Now I can't even
comprehend it all

i'll be like a soldier
who does not know fear

I have no choice
but to be that way


evaprating contrail
we watch it fade to pale

it confused me so I ran away
I will always be weak

Ever since that day


I will always now remain that way...

Nothing that I did could withstand...

I regretfully let go.... of your hand...

where are you
and what are you doing

this very moment now

are you somewhere beyond
this eternal sky
This moment now?

Can you always seem like
you're smiling
Even if I depart now

now that is the sole thing
that I wish to continue on...


I hate you
I hate you

love you....

who who who

can't be alive without you

why is it
can this be

why why why
Don't I mis you a lot, forever?

I don't really know
( i don't really know)

That kind of magic
(That kind of magic)

If I tell you my feeling,
they will break tragically

You are totally

Different from me

You should not go out and kidnap
people's hearts so carelessly


When I was a kid
That was one of the
things I did
The colors of my memory's blend
The cap of white and red on my head

When I was a kid
a fond memory
curry given out at snack time
silver spoons held to my eyes

But now I can't
even remember
one single thing
those things have stopped
But now that I think that I"m
being chased every day!

I missed enough scenery to span
a thousand million
a thousand million
a-and the seasons that have passed by
look like Graffiti...

You've given me enough courage to stand
a thousand million
a thousand million
a-and the seasons that have passed by
seem so dramatic...


That's why I'll folow you forever
even if I never
see anything by your agony
because you shine through
the darkness that has
swallowed teh world

now that the suture is approaching,
weakness in encroaching,
But I wont' let that
Destroy my soul
I'll do it my way
and that means i am with you

together now god bless...


Just take it! 'cuz you know
that no matter what you do I'll have the last laugh

It's a sailor suit
so that I'm really sure you should...

It's gotta be a Monday
'cuz Im' in such a bad mood
What should I do?

The summer sailor suit is sweeter...

It's so cute!


everyone everywhere

gacha gacha cute figurines
scream and shout
everybody now
as loud as you possibly can
"figurines are adorable in 3D!"


Ten thousand years and to thousand more
I found I've always loved you
Eight shousand years from then my love has grown
even bigger into what it is now
In one hundred million and two thousand years from now
I will still love you
Ever since you and I met that day
The music in my hell has not once gone away


tanta mojipittan
ta ta tata tatatata

one two!

Ranra mojipittan

one two!

Flat-chested; flat-chested; flat-chested girls!
(little girls, little girls; flat-chested little girls)

Flat-chested; flat-chested; flat-chested girls!


Everybody loves
nico nico douga
we can all show now
our feelings with gentle kisses


our feelings with gentle kisses


Dashing 'cross the sandy beach
Can you win the race?
Feeling you get closer
I see your face
Kiss my lips;
Embrace me with both of your arms


o say, can you see
by the dawn's early light

what so proudly we hailed
at the twilight's last gleaming

Whose broad stripes and bright stars,
through the perilous fight

O'er the ramparts we watched
were so gallantly streaming?

and the rocket's red glare,
the bobs bursting in air

gave proof through the night
that our flag was still there

O say, does that star spangled
banner yet wave

O'er the land of the free,
and the home of the brave?


Gacha Gacha cute figurines
Onto the path decends an angel

YOu can see the love in those figures
a craze
a scream
in the midst of life


Gacha Gacha cute figurines
just do it right
admire me
take care of me
worship me


You are the price of Tennis


Come on, right now let's go,
Let's go!
Buzz this

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