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Arcade in the Sky Blog: New Year, New Blog Features

Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year, New Blog Features

Howdy. Time for an update, but I need something to talk about. I'm going to go on about the new features on the side of this post here.

I've made some improvements to the Blog for the new year. First is a list of all my sites that I network on. This enables me to use my blog as my main page and navigate to all my other tomfoolery from here. It's quite convenient. It will also give everyone a sense of where I an online and what I'm doing.

More important is the second feature, that "Monster Crush" bug at the top of the sidebar. That is going to be a new webcomic I'm producing. I don't know much about it myself except that it will be called "Monster Crush" and it is horizontally oriented, so you won't have to scroll to read the thing.

I'm taking a note from Kittyhawk and here online comic Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki and making a Blog/ Webcomic combo. It should make updating faster-as I was writing all the HTML for my last webcomic from scratch.
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