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Arcade in the Sky Blog: TRON Night 10.28.2010

Friday, October 29, 2010

TRON Night 10.28.2010

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Last night, Rant Casey and I went to Elizabeth, NJ for a Tron Night. This was to be an early showing of the movie, but as it turns out, they only showed 23 minutes of it. It was in IMAX 3D, though.

We arrived hours early, expecting a long line. There were only 20-30 of us at the location. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not, as there were only a limited about of passes given.

Anyway, they handed us our 3D glasses and began the show. No commercials or previews they just went right into it. a text type pops up and talks directly at the audience, telling us to put on our 3D glasses. They showed a succession of finished scenes, in chronological order. They take us up to the end of the first act or perhaps the mid-point, then it degrades into a montage and essential finished up the show as a trailer.

Let's start with the first scene, 23, Sam's Apartment. Here the young Sam coming home after a night of stunt-biking for cash to his dog and impressive view of the city skyline. Whom I think is Alan, Bruce Boxlienter from the last movie shows up and says he just got a page (yes, he's been holding onto his pager all this time) from Flynn's arcade. Sam is jilted by the disappearance of his father, but curiosity take him to the abandoned arcade anyway. Next scene, he powers on the arcade machines which have been encased in plastic for years. It got me choked up to see those old machines turn on, but then again look at what blog you're reading! Sam finds a secret laboratory behind the TRON upright, Nancy Drew style! There he find the laser aperture, and we can all guess what happens.

In the next scene we are given, Sam is picked up by the guard and given a new outfit for disk gaming. Then he is set to compete against some sort of known game hero in a disk duel. I say that because Sam remarks that he has an action figure of his opponent on his desk. The battle is beautiful and stunning. Everything you'd want a Tron-style scene to do in a post-Matrix movie is pulled off brilliantly.

From here we get a scene straight out of Tim Burton's Batman. In what can only be explained as a Tron-Batmobile escapes from some light-cycles, Sam spouts the like "Who are you?" to his masked savior. After transforming the car to buggie mode and going "off the grid", the mask comes off to reveal a beautiful Tron-woman whom drives Same to Meet Jeff Bridges. She even drives through a secret opening in the mountain side, a la Batman. I'd like to take a moment to discuss what "off the grid" looked like. In the original Tron everything was designed like a neon sign, and the hand of a designer could be scene even in terrain that was supposed to be wild. Here the land looks like a giant silicon crystal, albeit a dark and Noir one. You really get the impression that they are driving a car on the microscopic parts of a printed circuit board. Nicely done!

From there a ring leader program instructs Daft Punk to spin some beats, and the show devolves into a trailer. I'd like to point out how brilliant an idea it was to have them in the movie. They are two two DJs whom dress like they are in Tron anyway.

All in all, it was a great showing. I am pumped to see this movie in 3D on opening night, December 17th, 2010.
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