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Arcade in the Sky Blog: Revisiting my College Student Center

Monday, October 25, 2010

Revisiting my College Student Center

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While at the Game Education Panel at Rutgers, I decided to visit the student center, as this was my Alma-mater, and I wanted to see how the campus had changed over the past 10 years. This is where I did most of my studying and had my Anime Club meetings.

The biggest shock was 'The Cove'. Not that my childhood arcade had closed down, just that the sign was still there. They had converted the arcade into another study hall, but they kept two billiard tables for some reason. You'd think clakking billiard balls would distract someone studies. I hope to heaven there's wifi in there and that people are at least playing facebook game sin there. That would be something.

The Wendy's there had been changed to a Burger King. Boo.

The pizza place and Chinese buffet were both there. The student lounges and meeting rooms were as I'd left them. The student store had changed a bit, as all convenience stores do over time. I bought a Rutgers T-Shirt there, just for good measure. It was a fun trip. I guess sometimes you can go back home again.

[This was done on Saturday October 23rd.]

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