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Arcade in the Sky Blog: Nintendo VS Greenpeace

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nintendo VS Greenpeace

I am a very mild mannered man. I have never been known to get angry, and I'm certainly no James Rolfe. There are things that occasionally grind my gears.

Case in point. Gamasutra reported today that Greenpeace gave Nintendo a zero score in greenness. Essentially they declared Nintendo the worst in the world of home electronics in terms of recycling and use of toxic chemicals. I am a lover of Nintendo it's true, but I'm not above reprehending them for doing something irresponsible. What raises my ire is the way they judged Nintendo. If you look up the PDF on their website the cite the reasons for their scores as "no policy" or "no information". There are links embedded in the PDF that claim to have "more information", however they all point to the same place-the FAQ on Nintendo.com.

Did they do any research for this report at all? Did they just read the FAQ on Nintendo.com and decide to write a slanderous report about them because they didn't like what they read? Apparently Nintendo doesn't get to decide what information belongs on their own FAQ page-they need Greenpeace to do that for them.

Who the hell died and made them god?

Another thing they criticize Nintendo for is not having a takeback or recycling policy for their products. Hello, who would throw away a Nintendo? Weren't we all just trampling each other on Black Friday to get them? Not for nothing, but my Nintendo from twenty years ago is still in working condition and get used regularly.

The people at Greenpeace are a bunch of the worst environmentalist whackos that make Al Gore look like a villain from Captain Planet. They give decent eco-friendly citizens a bad name.
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