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Arcade in the Sky Blog: DVD: Interactive menues

Thursday, June 28, 2007

DVD: Interactive menues

Greetings everyone. I'm still busy, but thought I'd take a moment to rant about something that's been bugging me for many years now. I was in BORDERS last night, chillin' out, when I picked up a copy of "Krull" from the discount DVD rack. Awesome movie, but the packaging said something odd under "Special Features".

It listed "Interactive Menus" as a feature that is special. Now, let's look think about this, shall we? Is an interactive menu a "special" feature? If I hit "play" on the menu, and the DVD does not react to that, the movie would never play, right? Doesn't that sort of make an interactive menu a "necessary" feature as opposed to a "special" one?

Thank the lord that I got the "special feature" of interactive pedals on my car, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to drive to BORDERS. More importantly, it's awesome that my keyboard that that super-special feature of interactive keys, otherwise I'd not be able to type this!
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