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Arcade in the Sky Blog: A Funspotty Proposal

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Funspotty Proposal

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I've tweeted and facebooked it, but It's time I blogged about it. Yes, I'm engaged now. I'm set to marry my long-time gf, Melissa. She's a fellow gamer and all-round great gal.

The manner in which I proposed is blogworthy. I took her on a weekend trip to Funspot, 6 hours away in New Hampshire. This is not only the largest arcade in the world, but our favorite romantic getaway. There's nothing like renting a small cabin in the woods by Lake Winnepesaukee. Being a resort town, there are SEVERAL arcades there, not just Funspot, so it's right up our ally.

The plan was to fake a weekend trip as a birthday present, then take her bowling on the lanes inside Funspot, then have the "Will you Marry Me" punched onto the scoreboard while we're bowling. Unfortunately, with so many arcade games, I couldn't tare her away from playing uprights. I eventually had to concede and took her outside and proposed the old fashioned way.

The news made the Funspot website.
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