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Arcade in the Sky Blog: Trying the iPad

Friday, April 16, 2010

Trying the iPad

When your life is a busy as mine, you need to use your down time wisely. I like to use the time to experience things I've never experienced before. One thing I've never done is go to the Short Hills Mall. aka The Mall at Short Hills. This is the ritziest mall in New Jersey, and possibly the country. No GameStops or Targets here, only the highest fashion stores, the kind that you'd have to mortgage your house to shop at. No food court, just a Legal Seafood restaurant. There are even lounges on the promenade with carpeting, designer furniture and large flat screens to watch.

It was weird walking through here. I felt like at any time a security guard would tap me on the shoulder and ask me to leave. After my initial fear subsided, I noticed the largest APPLE store I'd ever seen. This was just the weekend after the iPad was released. While curious, I didn't want to even try to shop for one, because of the legendary lines. This store was so large, however, that I could walk in and try out an iPad on display without hardly any waiting.

I must say I was disappointed. The pad was not as responsive as I'd hoped. When I touch something, it's not completely guaranteed that the touch will register. Granted, I don't have an iPhone, so maybe I just need to get used to it. Long story short, it doesn't respond fast enough to make a good gaming platform--for casual or hardcore games. Perhaps I'm being harsh, but any vigor I had toward making an iPad game has been deflated.
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