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Arcade in the Sky Blog: Ready For Freddy

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ready For Freddy

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Tomorrow the sun rises for the last time with all of humanity free of new nightmares. The remake of Nightmare on Elm Street will hit theaters. I felt it fitting to preface any future reviews with a little history of myself and the burned man.

When I was a small child, I was terrified of Freddy. This was the one movie monster that generally terrified me and game me nightmares, even though I never saw any of his movies. The idea of horror movies baffled me. Terror was... well terrifying. Why would someone devote hard earned money for a ticket to something that would only cause them pain and suffering? And so, I shunned horror movies up until the 2000s when Freddy VS Jason came out.

I just could not resist this movie. Being a big fan of Godzilla VS King Kong, I was intrigued enough to rent the DVD at least. OMG, what had I been missing? Freddy VS Jason is one of my fav movies of all time now. It's tons of fun, and manages to balance out both characters and a plot better than an VS movies I've seen. Years of my life wasted! I made up for lost times. I now have an extensive horror DVD collection and have gone back and seen all the classics and slasher movies.

I can now say I'm a Freddy Fan. I can't wait until tomorrow! Sweet Dreams!
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