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Arcade in the Sky Blog: New Sailor Moon Game !

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Sailor Moon Game !

Originally uploaded by HazeStudiosGames
It would appear that Sailor Moon is being re-run in Italy, and after 10 years has become a phenomenon there all over again. This means new toys and a new video game from
Sailor Moon: La Luna Splende

Bandai Europe
, for the Nintendo DS! Good thing I know Italian! This is gonna be awesome. Remember that the DS (not DSi) isn't region coded! Sweat!

It seems to be from screen shots to be a basic retro-style platformer, with multiple playable characters. Fine by me! It will retail for 29.99 euros. March 11, 2011. Only in Italy.

Sources: Joystiq, Game Swag, KingDarian, Bandai
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