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Arcade in the Sky Blog: MagFest 9 - Review

Monday, January 17, 2011

MagFest 9 - Review

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Well, I've survived another MagFest. Let me tell you, this was an ordeal. Great games and great parties everywhere, as usual. There were, however some differences. The word of the year: Crowded. This convention sold out a few days before the opening, and it shows. Suffocating crowds in the arcade and hallways, hour long waits on the elevators. Not to mention that any popular panels got overloaded and left scores of fans out in the streets.

Of Course, It's Over 9000

The other word of the convention was "OOOOAAARGH!!!". Note the spelling. You could not travel more than fifty feet without hearing someone yell this word. It relates to the sound. It refers to the sound Colossus makes when he activates his mutant power in X-Men: the Arcade Game. This is available now on XBLA, so anyone can play now. Apparently someone made this sound during the closing ceremonies last year, and it became the running gag for this fest. They even named the arcade after it.

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