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Arcade in the Sky Blog: AVGN appearance at Digital Press Dec 4th

Monday, December 6, 2010

AVGN appearance at Digital Press Dec 4th

Here is my video log of my trip to Digital Press in Clifton NJ. I arrived at 3pm, when the event started, and there was already a line around the block. I waited for more than an hour just to get into the store. Halfway through the wait, a store clerk came out with a bankers box filled with TMNT, Fester's Quest and Deadly towers carts. He was selling them for 2 for 5. It was good if you didn't bring something for the Nerd to sign.

Just before I got inside, the police came by, and said we were blocking the sidewalk. That store clerk came out with a bullhorn and said we all had to get single-file or the event would have to be called off. The line complied.

Once inside (where it was MUCH warmer), there was another line that wrapped around the store. James Rolfe was very gracious about signing things, and taking pictures with people. I already have two pics with him from other cons, so I didn't bother him myself. Mike Maitell was also there for autographs!

The greatest thing happened as I was leaving. I found that the line outside all had a slice of pizza. Apparently a good Samaritan had bought pizza for the whole line. That was nice.

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  1. I was the pizza guy... It brought a good laugh.

  2. Cool. My first celebrity post. ^_^