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Arcade in the Sky Blog: The Walpack Inn

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Walpack Inn


The Walpack Inn. It has great steaks and salad bar.

It is a unique restaurant that lies on the border of Sussex County, NJ and the Poconos. Because it is so far out into the woods, deer and other forest animals often walk right up to the windows. The inn is constructed as a long thin building, maximizing the length of said windows. Inside is a collection of antiques, a piano bar with live music and one of the largest taxidermy collections I've ever seen. Full sided bear, moose heads, elk, they have it all--including chandeliers made completely out of antlers! It's truly a sight to behold, and worth the drive into the mountains.

Their trademark, however, is their backed bread. The small size is as big as a normal loaf of bread, but the large is the size of a Christmas turkey! And it's hearty! I like me some whole grain bread, but this is ridiculous. I suppose if you put enough butter on anything, it will taste good.

My favorite of theirs is the prime rib, though all of their dishes are great, especially the seafood. They have a lobster bake every Friday night that is to die for.

In short, I recommend this place.
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