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Arcade in the Sky Blog: Anime Mid-Atlantic 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Anime Mid-Atlantic 2010

Another great Anime Mid-Atlantic. This is the 10 year anniversary. It started for me before dawn, as I headed out at 5am for a 7 hour drive down the Chesapeake Bridge Tunnel. I made it there by noon for the start of the festivities. I had no plans for rooming, I intended to make it up as I went along. The Red Roof in across the street was all booked up, but the next motel, the Cedar Tree, was free. Pretty nice rooms for the same price. After checking in and turning up the AC, I checked out the artist alley, still being set up. Great stuff this year.

Opening Ceremonies was great. They had a 10 year AMA montage, and I got to get up on stage and talk about my workshops. That evening, I attended a panel on Streamline Pictures by Robert Aldrich. It was pretty awesome. I was part of Guests Uncensored at midnight, but I can't talk about that. What happens at Guests Uncensored, stays at Guests Uncensored.

The next day I had a drawing workshop to run early at 10am. It was the first workshop I've done since making the leap from paper to Wacom Tablet. I got to dispense a lot of the things I've learned. I spent the rest of the day demo-ing my XBLA game Antipole on my table in Artist's Alley. The fans really seem to like it. I also attended Another panel by Robert Aldrich about "anime cousins" and a Anime and Mythology panel. Both were awesome.

There was a luncheon for the guests, but the smoke from the omelet station set off the fire alarm. The whole Marriott had to be evacuated!

I did another hour long panel about game design on Sunday morning at 11am, but I couldn't really cover a lot in just an hour. After that, I was on the road back to New Jersey.

AMA is a great con, and it was great seeing all of my old friends again.
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