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Arcade in the Sky Blog: VGexpo in Philly, PA

Monday, October 12, 2009

VGexpo in Philly, PA

I had some ebay related things to attend to on Saturday, so I had to make the VG expo this year a day only trip on Sunday.

Sunday being the most important to me because there is a "breaking into the industry" seminar. I attended this last year and it didn't help, but I'm a sucker for punishment

I managed to get there early and stood on line until 11am. I was happy to see that the whole convention is centrally located, with the
exception of the anime rooms and the speaking rooms for the aforementioned seminar.

"retro-con", my fav part, is again in the main expo hall. This is where you can get used retro games in a bazaar like setting.
Back when this was called the "Philly Classic" this was the whole convention. They have a full arcade on display and some expo tables
on retro-developers. The hackers have left the con, and left only the uprights and vendors. Still, it's better than nothing.

I saw some old friends and industry contacts, and that's great. Seeing new people and making new contacts is what it's all about.

As for the seminar on breaking into the industry, I'll keep my thoughts on that to myself.
Sadly, the only thing that matters about breaking into video games, is... actually breaking into video games.
The only way I could properly judge the seminar is to track all of the attendees and take statistics on
how there fare in the game industry. I don't have time for that.

Nothing great in the Arcade this year. I got some killer stuff from the vendors. More on that on my youtube page.

What I did take from this? Gleam of Force. Google it.

Also, Nintendo had a killer display and I got to play Zelda: Spirit Tracks.
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