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Arcade in the Sky Blog: IGDA Picnic in Central Park

Sunday, August 2, 2009

IGDA Picnic in Central Park

There was a picnic in central park. I had a hard time finding the place, as central park is huge. When I did get there, I saw some friends of mine and made new ones. There was a great spread of sandwiches and treats. Thanks to Wade Tinny of Large Animal for sponsoring it all.

We had great weather, and we decided to play some outdoors games. Someone set up a game they invented called "Chaun ball". It's like dodge ball, but with a ball tethered to the ground. Later, they set up "live action asteroids" where they recreated asteroid, the arcade game, with live people and a nerf gun.

Can't wait for the next event.

Also, check out this video promoting my new games. They are now on the sidebar of this blog!

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