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Arcade in the Sky Blog: Otakon Day 1

Friday, July 17, 2009

Otakon Day 1

Otakon this year is quite an adventure. I came down on Thursday, as per usual, but this time I only had my girlfriend and old college friend Dan in tow. We made good time down to Baltimore, only making the one mandatory stop at Cracker Barrel for some awesome biscuits.

We checked into a harbor site presidential suite at the Hyatt. Since I'm not doing any panels and I didn't pre-reg, I couldn't pick up my badge on Thursday night. We went to a piano bar called Howl at the Moon, next to the Power Plant. They played some great tunes like "fly me to the moon" and "dirty diana". Also, they played "gay bar". They even started playing the mario bros. theme as I was leaving.

I had a chat with the Gamma Prime games group I had to hit at 10:30pm, but that's another story.

Friday morning came, and I hit the Registration line at 7:30am. I brought a manga to read, but I finished it before the line even started moving. I didn't get my badge until 11:00am. Then I took my gf to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. We shared on entre, which was a great idea.

We checked out the game room then dealer's room then a panel on traveling to Tokyo on a budget.

We went to a "Make a Manga" panel, and it was alot of work. We mostly just filled out speach balloons from webcomics. Kittyhawk was one of the people running it, and I got her autograph.

The gf was tired, so we retired back to the room and ordered in some Chinese. That's where I'm signing off for today, more tomorrow!
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