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Arcade in the Sky Blog: Pirates 3 Review

Friday, May 25, 2007

Pirates 3 Review

Holy crap, that was a great movie. I'm sorry, but I just can't contain myself. I loved the first one to death, and I reserved judgement on the second, because it left at a cliffhanger--but now that I've seen the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie, I have to say this is the greatest trilogy ever.

To anyone who says otherwise, let me state my case. Point 1: New Transformers trailer. The movie is actually looking good! Holy crap!

Point 2: Solved all of the problems in Dead Man's Chest. Not just plot-wise, but movie wise. Like the over-played fish men? They've been relegated. Killed Jack? Well, he's back. Overpowered Kraken? He's been sent packin'. And most of all, you know those two guards? You know the one's Jack was outsmarting in the beginning of film one? They're back! I missed them!

Point 3: Great action, in great quantity and variety! Sword fights, Canon fights, swinging, more swordplay, ragin storms, giant sea-goddesses, fireworks, scuttling ships where does it end? At the worlds end, that's where!

Let me close by pointing out what I believe the best part of the movie; the little things. Small visual gags and character beats that make the roller coaster ride all the sweater. Dropping cannonballs on water ghosts? Firing a monkey out of a canon? Snapping off of a frostbitten toe? Crazy! --and that's just to name a few, and a few that don't involve jack!

Top all that off with a great ending and you have what may be the greatest movie trilogy of all time. Screw you, LOTR. Up yours, Star Wars. Yo ho ho all the way, baby!
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