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Arcade in the Sky Blog: It's just so wrong...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's just so wrong...

It's just so wrong. I know people hate global warming. I know polar bears are supposed to be victims. But this is just absurd.

First off, polar bears DO NOT get stranded on ice blocks because the CAN SWIM. A fact that we can clearly see in this video. Second, the only way the bear would know he's driving a low-emissions car would be to read. Assuming all that is true, why wouldn't the bear just eat that guy and take the keys to that awesome Nissan?

I'm not mad that this ad promotes global warming, I'm mad that it promotes the idea that mother nature is completely impotent and that the only thing in the universe capable of doing any damage or wrong is mankind. Mother nature kills people on a massive scale.
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