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Arcade in the Sky Blog: GDC 2010 Review

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

GDC 2010 Review

I had an incredible trip this year--much better than when I went in 08. I can't mention everything that happened, because of Non-Disclosure and because I don't want to jinx any good deals that might come of my meetings.

This year was different, as I was prepared. Really prepared. I had a good resume and lots of copies of it; I had my tickets and clothes and plenty of walking around money. I had a playable demo of my most recent game and a controller to play it with, plus printed portfolios of my games and images on my handy PSP for viewing. I made many connections and got many business cards. We'll see how they pan out in months to come.

My journey began on Wednesday afternoon with my mom and brother driving me to Newark Liberty Airport. I managed to get through security no problem and started waiting for the flight to board. I was prepared for every instance this time, as previously stated. So I had Airborne tablets with me, so as to avoid getting sick from anyone on the flight. I popped on in thinking they were chewables, but in fact they were resolving tablets. I had to spit it out before I started to look like I had rabbis. Besides that the trip was pleasant. I got a van to the Moscone Center. It was only 17 dollars. Last time I was there it was 35.

I figured the hotel was just a few block from the convention center, so I'd walk. Little did I realize that it was a 1.7 mile distance to my destination. By the end of the trip, my legs felt like they were going to fall off. I had to hike to and from the convention center 4 times each day at least.

I did hit some great parties, and I got to see the IGF and IGF awards. I got to meet Steve Weibe and get his autograph. The convention was very fun this year. We had a lot of productive meetings. Not any real game announcements or news, just people meeting and making contacts.

I took the red eye back Saturday night and rested up Sunday.

There will be new great thinks for me, I can just tell!
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